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The LIKE buttons by Jeanee Andrewartha

Welcome to all our new heart sisters. <p data-ft="{&quot;type&quot;...
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Why we developed myheartsisters.com by Jeanee Andrewartha

When I developed PPCM in July 2011, I trawled the internet for information about PPCM and found a lot of conflicting information and out of date websites. It was confusing!! Whe...

Heart sister description on map by Jeanee Andrewartha

To edit or add a description field, so when hovering over a pin on the Locations map, go to Add/Update a Location link. You will see the description field, where you can...
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Pins on Map by Jeanee Andrewartha

While most pins on the map are going in fine. There are a few little hiccups, with the occasional pin going to the wrong place. If you notice that your pin has gone to the wrong...
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Posting back to Facebook by Jeanee Andrewartha

Myheartsisters.com can be set to post back to facebook. To find out what your settings are, go to your Facebook page and then Go to Account Settings (under the Hom...
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