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Sara Smith;

Date Diagnosed :3/10/2016

Inital EF :55%

Current EF :44%

Pregnacy Number :2

Hello my name is Sara , This is my story  in 2013 I got pregnant I had a    healthy pregnancy up until 36weeks  I then started getting  high blood pressure  and swollen in my legs and feet. My Ob was watching me closely until I gave birth to my beautiful healthy baby boy at 39weeks  June 2014, 5 days after baby was born  I got very sick it was Bad I was Hospitalized I had 10 Doctors Around me, my  heart rate went up high,   and my blood pressure Doctors Did test and blood work to determine that I had cardiomyopathy  and was prescribed high blood pressure meds  I had EKG stress test and Echo  to determine that my heart Muscle function Was at 10% Gradually increase to 55% while on meds. I was under regular care with my cardiologists watching my heart functions. Then in 2015 I got pregnant for the second time Doctors Did warn me that the preeclampsia my came back ,with the second pregnancy this pregnancy was also a healthy pregnancy until 35weeks I was showing signs of preeclampsia again , my blood pressure was going up along with other signs   With this pregnancy my Cardiology and Ob was watching me closely with being on high blood pressure meds and regular echos my  heart functions were steady at 55%  . At 36weeks I had a beautiful healthy baby girl February 2016. A month after baby was born I had appointment with my cardiologists and a echo  to find out that my heart functions went back down to 44% I was then Diagnose With PPCM postpartum cardiomyopathy.  The doctor  also  told me that it will be very risky to get pregnant again.  God  and  my children saved my life. I give thanks  to my father God  for giving me a second chance  so I can share with other women with PPCM.  Please read my story  thank you Sara 

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