34 with 6 children


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Ricki Gaines-Thompson;

Date Diagnosed :9/17/2014

Inital EF :45%

Current EF :30%

Pregnacy Number :7

Hello all, I am an 34 year old African American woman I have 8 children 6 living. Ages 18, 13, 11, 8, 6 and 4 months. My last pregnacy was really hard I just chalked it up to my age, I felt tired and heavy all the time. Late in my pregnacy I felt like I was dying like the pregnancy was poisoning my body and I expressed my concerns with my doctor and made numerous trips to the hospital but all my symptoms they said were due to my pregnancy the topical no one is listening syndrome. As if I didn't know what to expect after 7 pregnancies and carting 8 babies around in this little body of mine. I finally went into labor after my water broke, it was the hardest delivery my epidural didn't work I was given pit and of course pumped full of fluids. Everything that could go wrong went that way (or so I felt) after going home I was bloated like a fish my legs and everything were so big. I couldn't lay down because it hurt to bad and I couldn't breath. My doctor told me to go to urgent care (as if he didn't want to be bothered by a complainer) my blood pressure was sky high (stroke range) I was then told I had a virus... Long story short it wasn't a virus which I had to argue...it was PPCM test were ran and my EF wasn't that bad 45% but has been on the decline I'm now down to 30%, my body hurts all the time, the chest pain is non stop but I'm still being told it's just heart burn. I am on the standard meds and my cardiologist is considering a defibrillator. The hardest part was being told I could no long breast feed my rainbow baby

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