Still fighting


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Yari Reyes;

Date Diagnosed :6/20/2013

Inital EF :35%

Current EF :69

Pregnacy Number :1

Apologize my english.  This was very difficult to me, like when I was diagnosed with diabetes type II.  

My first months of pregnancy were very good, but at my 35 week I was diagnose with preclamsia and the doctors send me to the hospital to stay there until my 37 week.  The doctors in that hospital treat me like an animal because they try to put me to deliver my baby with many things and in 4 days without food and water.  I cant have my baby in the natural way.  After I have my baby I dont feel good but the doctor send me to my house.  After five days in my mother-in-law house I told my husband that I cant sleep and feel pain in my chest.  We went to the hospital and the doctors there said that I have a pulmony and send me to my house with medicine.  The next day I cant breath very well and told my mother that I need to go back to the hospital and while I was waiting for I miss the oxygen and what I know is so it told me my husband and my mother because I don't remember anything.  They told me it was a ugly moment, but doctors managed to return me the oxygen and only went to intensive for a few days.  The doctors told me that I suffered from pulmonary edema caused by a heart failure, that my heart was working 35 to 40%.  When I left the hospital I went to a cardiologist, she said me that I had to incapacitate me and up to find the label for the car for disabled persons, that depressed me strongly because to I like my work and would not want to leave it. In this moment, Im with medicine to ensure that my blood pressure dont rise and a diuretic.  Im in a diet of low sodium too and no salt.  I really want to get well because I have a beautifull daughter that I want see grow and I want to educate her.  In august 15, 2013 they make me a new Echocardiogram to see if my heart get better.  I hope they gave me a positive diagnosis.

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re: Still fighting
Monday, 05 August 2013 by Jeanee Andrewartha

Thank you for sharing your story, Yajaira. The medical process of diagnosis can be very impersonal and the emotional healing often takes longer than the physical healing.

It is good that you are resting and if your EF at diagnosis was 35-40%, then the prognosis for a full recovery is excellent.

Stay positive and keep look after yourself.


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