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Candy Ridoutt;

Date Diagnosed :1/26/2007

Inital EF :6

Current EF :48

Pregnacy Number :1

In 2007, I had just given birth to my baby boy and 3 days later found myself in the cardiac unit at Rex Hospital having difficulty breathing. My lungs were full of fluid and my LV Ejection Fraction was 6%. Nurses were telling Chad to hold the baby where I can see him! A new term was thrown at me that effects 1 in 10,00...0 pregnant women called Peripartum Cardiomyopathy. This caused me to enter Congestive Heart Failure at 35 years old. I was able to completely recover and in 2011, had baby boy number 2, Chett. About a week later was back in the ER and my LV Ejection Fraction was back down to 25%, luckily we knew what to look for and it was caught in time. Our family is now complete and I am almost back to "normal", (considering my heart anyway!)

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