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Lauren Michelle;

Date Diagnosed :6/24/2014

Inital EF :06/24/2014

Current EF :

Pregnacy Number :1

My name is Lauren and I'm 23 yours old. I got pregnant at 21 and had my beautiful baby girl at 22. During my pregnancy it was fairly normal outside of having high blood pressure. I carried my daughter well and she was very healthy. I gave birth to her June 20th 2014. I was in the hospital for 2 days and was let go to go home. Later after getting home I. Was having real bad brwthing problems. I ended up being awake all night because I couldn't breath. I ended up going to the doctor who told me I had double phenomena. And was sent home. Again i was up all night because I couldn't breathe at all . I ended up going to the er because I so bad. I couldn't walk in there barely I was so light headed and out of breath. My blood pressure was sky high. They put me in a room and hooked me up to machines. I was put on some oxygen but it wasn't helping. I ended up having to be put to sleep so they could put tube down me. My heart was failing and the hospital I was originallyat was letting me die. Finally I was life flighted to saint Thomas heart hospital where I woke up a day later with memory of what had happened. I was in the ICU for a week and made great progress each day. Finally was let go. As the weeks and months have past I have experienced physical heart pain. As the days go on I'm starting to feel a lot less of this pain. This has been a long tiring and emotional journey. But at the end of the day I get to see my miracle baby ,my guardian angel. She's my life and I couldn't imagine without her. 

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