Joining has been designed to work with Facebook. You can join as a community member, heart sister, relative of a deceased heart sister or cardiologist. Please choose the right category. There are issues with ipads and phones, in joining the site, so please join using a computer and currently users may experience some issues joining because of a facebook update. We are working on the situation.

To join,, you firstly need to have a Facebook account.

Go to . Please be aware that Facebook does not allow generic email addresses, eg. If will not let you sign up with a info@ or sales@ email address.

Once you have a Facebook Account, you can click the “Join Myheartsisters with Facebook” link (top right hand corner) and it will ask you to login to Facebook.

Login then accept the Heartsisters Facebook App

When accepting the Facebook App, you can choose to have the APP post notifications about joining, and your story updates to your wall and who sees these posts. If you do not wish to have the APP post to your wall, choose “Only Me”. You can always update these settings in your Facebook Account. For maximum reach, it is best that you choose PUBLIC or FRIENDS.

Then complete a simple sign up form.

The whole process should take about a minute and you will receive emails confirming your membership to

See Privacy Policy and Terms for more information

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