PPCM Awareness

PPCM is the leading cause of maternal death and morbidity. About PPCM explains what happens in heart failure and why the progression of this disease to death is rapid.

How You Can Save Lives

There are a number of ways, you can spread the word. Here are some ideas on how ANYONE can use this site to help raise PPCM awareness.

Join Myheartsisters.com You can join as a community member, heart sister, relative of a deceased heart sister, cardiologist or medical researcher. Please join with us to raise awareness about this cruel disease.

Download and print a PPCM Awareness Flyer and post it in your community

Buy PPCM Tshirts, bumper stickers or keychains

Spread the word. PPCM Awareness will save lives. The more women that know about this disease, the more lives will be saved.

Together we can make a difference.

Jessica died in 2011 of pregnancy induced heart failure.

She did not know about PPCM. She was only 21.How many more women will die because they didn't know that pregnancy can cause heart failure?

Join myheartsisters.com and let's get the word out, to women everywhere. 

If you are a heart sister

  • Write your PPCM story and share it on myheartsisters.com with family and friends. Choose the public setting so that anyone can read your story without being a member of myheartsisters.com . Your story will also be indexed on search engines, increasing the exposure on search engines. If you do not want your real name to appear with your story, you can go to Preferences hide your details and choose a username to publish your story under.
  • Ask other heart sisters you meet to join myheartsisters.com. The more stories published and more awareness raised through likes and shares the greater PPCM awareness
  • Post the story to your Facebook page, so that friends and family can “like” your post.
  • Ask your friends and family to also “like” your story on myheartsisters.com while logged in to Facebook.
  • Ask your family and friends to “like” the homepage of myheartsisters.com
  • Link to your story from other websites
  • Link to myheartsisters.com from other sites, forums, blog posts
  • If you have a PPCM Cardiologist, ask them to join myheartsisters.com and refer their patients to it. Talk about PPCM to your neighbours, friends and family. Do not let it continue to be the silent killer.We are few in number. The theory of Six degrees of separation says that there are less than six degrees separating you to everyone else in this world, so with the right tools, we can reach so many people.Imagine how many people you know and multiple that by how many people all these people know and then multiple that again by how many people those friends of friends know. That is a lot of people!!The internet is a powerful communication tool that allows you to publish information and stories. So for every person that visits and reads a story, or information, and shares it with their family or friends, PPCM Awareness multiplies and by coming together, we can propel change.People remember stories. PPCM Stories will save lives.

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