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We are very much looking forward to releasing the New Members Profile Page, which will make it easier to connect to members. Currently the site, is dependent on the map where you need to hover over each pin or use the side navigation bar to click on individuatl heart sisters and then go to the map and then be able to connect with a heart sister. I think we got a little fixated on the map, in early development!

We ask that members will go to the Add/update Locations field and add in a short description about yourself, if you have not already done so. This short descripton will appear in the new members profile page.

We welcome your suggestions and feedback

About Myheartsisters.com

Myheartsisters.com has been developed to raise awareness about heart failure in pregnancy (PPCM) and provide support for heart sisters through storytelling and friendship. How to Join - Join as a heart sister, cardiologist or relative of a deceased heart sister and add yourself to a map and directory listing.

Read PPCM Stories from heart sisters or read about PPCM Recovery.


Published Thursday, 07 June 2012 by Jeanee Andrewartha
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