21 days in june

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I was 27 and was having my 3rd son after 17 hours of labor I had to have a csection I was sent home 3 days later only 24 hours after going home I began having sever pain in my right chest and difficult breathing I returned to the hospital and was admitted for elevated wbc and observation I was misdiagnosed several times and even had an explotory surgery to try and figure out what was wrong finally my lungs  completely filled with fluid and collapsed I became incoherent and was placed on life support I was at that point I was lifeflighted to another hospital and the doctors there knew the problem however I was in cardiac arrest after a 4 hour resuscitation an icd and pacemaker I slowly began to recover I am now 38 and my sweet boy is 10 I have not had any issues since but see my doctor every year if the doctors at the 1st hospital had know about ppcm it would never have gotten so sever it wasn't their fault there just isn't enough information about this it completely changed my life and the lives of my family I'm a lucky 1 god saw fit for me to stay many are not so lucky

My Details

  • Date Diagnosed: 08/06/2004
  • Child: 3
  • Initial EF: 45
  • Current EF: 80

Story By DannyandNikki Haygood

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