4th Pregnancy!

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I was diagnosed with PPCM on September 2,2014 the day after my fourth child was born.I had been short of breath and feeling very sick a week leading up to  the birth of my daughter told my Dr. And she said welcome to the 9 month of pregnancy and assuring me that's why I felt so horrible .On August 31,2014 I decided to take my blood pressure and it was 145/100 called her she still wasn't concerned . Finally my husband insisted I go to hospital they decided that I was 3cm dilated and 36 weeks to induce me because of my blood pressure. Well  while they were inducing me they noticed my daughters heart rate dropped and decided on a C-section after the c-section I couldn't keep my eyes open and felt worse then before c-section I kept telling the nurses I couldn't breathe of keep my eyes open they decided to order a chest x ray and the results revealed two pulmonary embolisms so I was sent to  another floor. The next day the pulmonologist came in and told me they were small and that blood thinners should resolve them quickly. A few hours later a cardiologist came in and ordered and Echo and that's were they saw I had and ejection fraction of 15% and a blood clot in my heart and told me I was in serious condition and had to be sent to another hospital where I spent 2 weeks in the ccu fighting for my life. I was finally stabilized with medications and sent home. I pray that I make a full recovery as of 7 weeks ago that the blood clot in my heart is gone and that my ejection fraction was up to 35%

My Details

  • Date Diagnosed: 02/09/2014
  • Child: 4
  • Initial EF: 15%
  • Current EF: 35%

Story By Krista Baldyga Saverase

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