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I was diagnosed after I had my first son. I was rushed to the operating room to have a c-section and just told I was having heart failure. I remember just watching the heart monitor as they were performing the c-section and just praying I would live to see my precious baby that I loved so much. After he was born I held him for less than minute before they rushed me to the icu. That's when it's kinda blurry for me bc I was so scared and upset that I didn't have my baby. I just remember people rushing around and eventually my husband and family being able to see me one at a time. Then I spent six days in icu before they let me go with a heart monitor thing. I was very upset about not being able to breast feed but my baby was and now is a happy healthy 3 year old! My heart went back to normal fairly fast. Less than a year. I was going to a cardiologist every month or so and taking 3 different medicines but all worth it to be healthy. My husband is in the Air Force so I have to work with different doctors but they have all been helpful. We are currently talking about baby #2 and I hope it can happen even though my husband is very hesitant which makes sense. I really hope I can live a long life and have one more baby!

My Details

  • Date Diagnosed: 25/01/2011
  • Child: 1
  • Initial EF: /
  • Current EF: /

Story By CamandAlyssa Maddox

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