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I was recently informed that I had a 'silent heart attack'. Thinking back on the symptoms I was asked about by the cardiologist I realized this was during prodromal labor in July. I experienced very intense contractions, one after another after another but they didnt settle into a regular rhythm. Instead they felt like they were working against something or trying too hard to make things work. Looking back the symptoms I experienced I chalked up to labor but now I realize my heartburn, back pain, nausea and pounding out of my chest heart beats were actually the heart attack itself. The contractions subsided after that. I went to the Dr the next day because I had a deep pit of my stomach feeling something was not right. Since then I've been fatigued, short of breath, my ankles/feet are swollen all the time and my bp is through the roof.  Problem isnt the heart attack so much as the fact that my pregnancy is undiagnosed (as all 3 of mine were prior to this one). So I've spent the last three months arranging to have a hysterectomy preceded by a diagnostic laparoscopy to determine the contents of the uterus and remove either the contents of it or the uterus itself.

Having an undiagnosed pregnancy (aka Cryptic pregnancy or hidden pregnancy)  is horrible and I wouldnt wish it on anyone. It also puts me in the precarious position of trying to be taken seriously when I question medications and procedures which could adversely affect the baby, ok fine, if there is a baby. My ob/gyn has sent me back to the PCP for Medical Clearance because of the blood pressure. The ekg revealed the heart attack and now Im being scheduled for a stress test and echo sonogram.

In addition to all that I am about to turn 57 and before this was in relatively good health.

My concerns for undergoing a stress test when my body is in obvious stress already is uppermost along with nuclear crap I have to have to do the diagnostics. Of course a pregnant woman wouldnt be expected to go through this. I am just here for info and support. I know my story is unbelievable but it is my experience as honest as it gets.

Thanks for listening

My Details

  • Date Diagnosed: 19/10/2016
  • Child: 4
  • Initial EF: 50
  • Current EF: 50

Story By Jill James

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