First and only pregnancy

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my story was like any other my ex husband and I decided to have a baby. It took us 6 mths but finally we was pregnant we was so excited to start a family. through out my pregnancy everything was fine. I was feeling fine then the last couple mths i noticed I swelling real bad in my face feet and legs. Which I knew swelling was normal in pregnancy but I never seen anyone swell like I did. Then I notice my legs was leaking water I knew something wasn't right so I went to my ob gyn and told him what was going on. He told me that swelling is normal I said I know that but I leaking water he said it was normal. So I was like ok I didn't know this was my first pregnancy and so weeks went on and still going on and went back . They notice my blood pressure was sky high and they couldnt get it lower and they diagnois me with preclampsia . They schedule to induce me and I had a normal child birth and everything was fine blood pressure was still high but they sent me home  . I went home and I noticed I still look swell and when my baby girl would lay on my chest it hurt and couldnt breathe I thought it was just where I wasn't breastfeeding and my milk was trying to dry out . I still had high blood pressure and I couldnt walk even across the street without not being able to breathe and having trouble catching my breathe . i also got lightheaded so I went to the hospital 2 times they said it was a virus going around it had to run it course and sent me home and I went again the 3 times I was determine to find out answers . they hook me up to heart monitors and such gave me mri and I was sent to icu I had fluid around my lungs and was diagnosis with cardiomyopathy in dec 2008 . I was told my Ef factor was less then 15% and they said if no improvement they was going to put me on a heart transplant list and transfer me to an out of state hospital but i was lucky and didnt have to do all that and my doctor told me on Christmas Eve about that and that I would not be able to have no more babies I was already upset being in the hospital on Christmas and missing my daughter first Christmas and then I get this news ! So my heart improve I was sent home and I was on medication and I went to my ob gyn on my 6 week check up and he had the nerve to tell me if I got pregnant he would do abortion on me I told him first you have to get my permission on that and You wont get that and if you do without my permission you will have a lawsuit on your hands .. I never went back to him . I did follow up with my heart doctor and he was rude and never want to answer my question always seem in a hurry so I switch doctor this one answera questions and is kind and my heart ef factor as now is between 45-50% and I ask him is it possible for me to have another baby told him I don't want on now but in the future he told me I would have to get off my medication which i don't take as much as when was first diagnois and said through my pregnancy would have to have my heart monitor and go to a high risk ob gyn and probably be on bed rest through out my pregnancy I told him i figure that and said probably have to take the baby by c section and that there is a 50/50 chance I could relapse .. He said you might not but there is always a chance .. As right now I'm not sure if I'm going to have another one or not but maybe in the future .. But right now I just want to take carem of myself and daughter !!!!

My Details

  • Date Diagnosed: 23/12/2008
  • Child: 1
  • Initial EF: 15%
  • Current EF: 45-50%

Story By Sarah Luzadder

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