heart what?? I'm only 27

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Ok so this is one of the hardest things I'll ever wright. I was 27 years old pregnant with my 3rd child, my first girl. The pregnancy was harder than my prior 2. I had gestational diabetes and preclampsia. During what was to be my last month my OB doctors were watching me closely, to the point where I was in the office 2x a week and getting an ultra sound once a week. I was scheduled to have a c-section on 8/8/13. I went in to drop some papers off on my way to work on 7/17/13 and my doctor said you know what let me take your blood pressure since you're here. It was routine so I said ok. After the nurse did my readings and took it to my doctor she came out and said I called the hospital and told them I was sending you over, get ready to have a baby this afternoon. I was like are you serious! I had a ton of stuff to do at work because my last day was going to be that Friday. I honestly didn't know how sick I was at that time, though I do remember the night prior I woke up gasping for air but I thought it was because I was so big.  5 days after giving birth I was rushed back to the same hospital via amnulance suffering from heart failure. The doctors really didn't know what was going on. I was so out of it I just remember hearing everyone say "She's to young". My heart function was 32% I stayed in the hospital for 5 days away from my babies. I went home with a life vest and a slew of medication. November 2013 I went to see the cardiologist to have another ultrasound, my heart function was 20% so my cardiologist sent me to a specialist. There I was told I was at risk for sudden death...sheesh...I'm only 27!!! I was also told I would need to get an ICD, a pacemaker/difibrilator. I received my new little friend on 12/3/13. I've only been shocked 3x all during the same episode, and boy did it hurt. But I'm here I'm alive I'm with my kids. Life hasn't been easy but it's making me stronger and building my character. I'm glad this site is here because sometimes I feel like my doctors are afraid to talk to me about it.

Be Blessed ladies!

My Details

  • Date Diagnosed: 22/07/2013
  • Child: 3
  • Initial EF: 32
  • Current EF: 20

Story By Treva Mangum

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