I'm so scared

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Hi there! It was January 2013 that i was diagnosed with this illness, 2 months after i gave birth to my first child. On new years eve, i have difficulty in breathing due to my dry cough. The next day i went to the hospital and they found out that i have a community acquired pneumonia. I was admitted then to the hospital and do some laboratories. They found out the my heart is enlarged with an EF of 30%. I can't sleep at night, it's hard for me to breath that's why i'm not kying in bed instead i'm sitting on a chair. My feet are swelling.. They gave me lasix and a lot of medicines to stabilize my heart beat. I was out in the hospital for weeks and get back into it again.. They sent me in the ICU due to my high heart rate and low BP. My last confinement was Feb 2013 and until now i;m suffering for this illness. I am continiously taking my medicine and still hoping that i will be cured. It was really depressed me when my echo showed last July that my EF became lower from 30 to 25%.

Please help me what to do. I dont have friends to talk to since they dont have any experience with this. i'M  really scared.

Please help me.

My Details

  • Date Diagnosed: 01/01/2013
  • Child: 1
  • Initial EF: 30
  • Current EF: 25

Story By Lorie Ramirez

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