i thought i was havin panik attacks

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hi im a 31yr old mother to 3, i had a normal pregnancy with my 3rd child until a couple of weeks before her birth, my ankles swelled badly and i seemed to go enormous, still she was born in the birthing pool safely and healthy 6lb in march 13, 7 months ago.. i had very high blood pressure for 3 days after having her and was kept in hosp for observation and a tablet to lower bloodpressure.. then got home and was fine for the following 5 weeks.. i then started to feel a bit panicky off and on for a few days and had to keep sitting in my garden through the night etc, and i was so tired at 1 point i was falling asllep with my new baby in my arms in the middle of conversations with my partner.. a few hours later i could not lay down, everytime i did lie even slightly back i was getting into a total panick and couldnt get a deep breath.. i actually phoned a ambulance without telling my partner who was downstair with my new baby and 5 year old, i was upstairs with my 10 year old, my assumption was an ambulance would come and at least give me the proper bags etc to breath into.. very scarey when they got here and put ecg on my chest, i was giving oxygen and rushed to hospital with blue lights and from getting into the ambulance i must have started going in and out of conciousness, the rest is a blur, but i was in severe heart failure and all my family were called in as they were not sure id make it, this was all due to peripartum/postpartum cardiomyopathy, pregnancy related heart failure.. im so lucky to be alive and would love to speak to people and families etc that have come across this... im traumatised.. ? Posted in 1 group

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  • Date Diagnosed: 05/03/2013
  • Child: 3
  • Initial EF: 20
  • Current EF: 34

Story By JodieNrussell Johnstn

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