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my name is crystal I wanted to share my story with everyone that has been diagnosed with ppcm.on Thursday September 4,2014 I went in to the hospital for a repeated c section I was VERY VERY nervous about having the surgery done Again !that whole week I was trying not to think of the surgery.the time had finally came to go into surgery the anesthgeologist gave me my doses of anesthesia through the spine the first one didn't kick in so he gave me another does I'm assuming cause the first one I didn't feel the numbing through my body till the second dose,he lied me down and my doctor who was delivering me had informed me that he was cleaning the area of my c section scar and then that's all I remember.i remember closing my eyes and then opening them to hear my dr saying the baby is out.I wake up to see my family sitting around thinking they're all here to see my daughter and to be with me at this exciting time !it is now Saturday I was on a ventilator for 2days I was taken off the ventilator Saturday morning I remember my sisters and my whole family being there and coming to see me but I still  had no idea what was going on that Saturday I remember my sister saying "I can't believe she almost died" and everyone just being sad.i had asked them what is everyone talking about ?it turns out the day of my procedure 15 seconds after I was given the anesthsia my chest started to break out with a rash and I started complaining that I could not breathe my doctor said I had a allergic reaction to the medication and I had what they said was a slight heart attack which may have damaged some of my heart vessels which then they diagnosed me with ppcm. I was so unaware of everything that happend to me.since then in december of last year I had a echocardiogram done and my heart function is back to by joining this group I wanted answers I never got to ask my cardiologist if I would always have heart problems,will I be able to have more kids,and I also would like to hear stories similar to mine that have recovered from this horrible disease and how its changed their lives It would be very nice to hear from woman going and that went through the same experience I did. thank you ??

My Details

  • Date Diagnosed: 04/09/2014
  • Child: 5
  • Initial EF: n/a
  • Current EF: n/a

Story By Crystal M Perez

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