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I am a childhood cancer survivor who at age 11 had to make the choice either to have my leg amputated or bone replaced. They said if I were to have the bone replaced the cancer would likely return and I wasn't able to be active. So I chose to have my leg amputated. They said due to the chemo I might not be able to have children, at age 11 I wasn't thinking that far, just wanted my hair back and my life to continue! I had become close to a girl named Jennifer who had cancer like I did. She had a brother DJ who would come to the hospital here and there to see her. Her and I lost touch for 14 years when she found me on Myspace and I went to VA to see her and months later was engaged to her brother DJ who came to the hospital all the time! ;)

He and I got married and were trying to get preggo when I went to the fertility DR and was told I don't ovulate on my own. I had to do IUI and thankfully I got preggo on the 1st round!! When I was 8 months preggo I went into the Women's Maternity Er and was told that my Blood Pressure was through the roof and I had Preclampsia. Not even a hour later I was told by the nurse that my OBGYN was coming in to deliver Mia. I was scared because I knew I wasn't full term and I didn't have all my baby shower stuff put away, lol I know crazy right!? After what I was told was almost 24 hours after a emergancy C~section I was unable to breathe. I say I was told because I don't remember ANYTHING after the fact they took my daughter out. I remember her little scream when they plucked her foot, but I don't remember holding her, feeding her, my whole family coming to see me. To this day I STILL have a hard time with it, getting upset about not remembering anything.

That night my husband went home and hours later I was being rushed to the ICU as the head DR said to the nurse for her to call my family because I most likely wouldn't make it. From then on I remember nothing again! I was on a breathing tube for 2 weeks coming off of it once or twice and being put back on it because I couldn't breathe. They finally figured out it was PPCM and started me on meds, which thankfully started to work! I was then off the breathing tube, and able to go home!! I missed 2 weeks of my newborn and that to upsets me! People tell me to get over it and such but it was something I always wanted, a child, bringing her home, being that new mom. I missed the beginning of that.

I now am doing well almost 3 years out this coming October 2012! My EF is 55% on one test and 73% on another test! I have been through 5 DRs because I can't find one who would talk to me, answer my questions and just sit and listen to my concerns. I finally found one after WEEKS of being in and out of the ER and being admitted for chest pains and shortness of breathe! She is an amazing DR and one who will sit for over 30 minutes and answer your questions! She and I are trying to wean me off my meds and from there we will discover if I am able to have another baby!

Today I am a 31 year old mother who is doing great health wise, fighting the tiredness & weight gain from the meds, but hoping after I get off them fully those will subside! Our daughter Mia is my world, she is the reason I push through the day when all I really want to do is snuggle on the couch and sleep! If it turns out I can't have children, I will sadly accept it and know I was blessed to know what it was like to carry a child and give her life. She is the center of mine & my husbands' world! I couldn't be happier and now just need to work on the healthy part!! Trying to take life one day at a time!

My Details

  • Date Diagnosed: 01/10/2009
  • Child: 1
  • Initial EF: 35%
  • Current EF: 73%

Story By Kristen Daniela

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