Recovery is Possible!

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I would just like to send an encouraging message to any woman suffering from PPCM. I was diagnosed in July of 2005, when my son was born. It was the most horrific and terrifing experience of my life. I almost didn't survive, but by the grace of God, I pulled through. At first, it seemed so depressing and hopeless. I was on about 7 different medications, not feeling well, and having to take care of my three year old daughter and newborn son. Needless to say, I did a lot of praying. I was also fortunate to have a wonderful family and husband there to help, but I knew nothing about PPCM. My cardiologist explained some to me, but I did a lot of research on my own. Everything I read was pretty scary. I'm so grateful to have a website like My Heart Sisters. And now, almost eight years later, I'm so happy to say that my cardiologist gave me a completely clean bill of health and took me off of my final medication. Recovery is possible! You have to stay strong in your faith and do everything in your power to return yourself to a healthy body. I thank God, my cardiologist, my family, and all of my friends who walked through this with me. I am living proof that you can not only survive, but actually be in better shape afterwards! Keep the faith! It only gets better from here!

My Details

  • Date Diagnosed: 01/07/2005
  • Child: 2
  • Initial EF: <22
  • Current EF: >55

Story By Ellen Koska

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