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I am not native american. I have been in US for 6 years. So my english is not good. Sorry about this.

Now, my baby son is almost 8 weeks. I have vaginal delivery. I figured out i have PPCM when my baby was 6 weeks old. Its still nightmare with me whenever i think about that; however i am also happy because finally i know whats happened with my body.

after 6 weeks that i had baby, i started to feel tired, didnt want to eat anyhing, and night time came, i coughed when i lying down flat. I felt something weird going on so i called and made appointment with doctor. The doctor saw my eyes swollen. After doctor visit, he said i have allergy with pollen. so i go home and took claratine for alergy for a week. For that whole week, i felt horrible day by day. It was getting worse. I have short of breath when i lay down and start to cough. I decided to make another appointment as soon as possible because this time i have my abdominal pain. They sent me to see nurse practioner. I tried to tell her all my symtoms: short of breath, cough, abdominal pain..... She didnt listen to me, she just said because i coughed too much so my muscle ache. She gave me cough medicine. I went home, at that night, i took cough medicine which always put people in sleep easily; however i still up whole night and the day after i felt my head so heavy. After that four day, i have check up again with my OB-GYN for 6 weeks to see how i heal from having baby. I asked her what happened to me. She said maybe i have asthma and suggested me to asked my doctor check my lung.

so i made another appointment. This time i decribes more carefully and details to the doctor. I also told him i went todoctor two times already. After awhile, he said i have axit reflection in my stomach. He gave me medicine for that. Also telling me this time, if my symptom get worse, please go direct to ER. I went home took medicine and guess what, same things happened. Until that time, my face was white because i was not able sleep for 2 weeks.

My husband has a friend who works in ER room. my husband called him and asked about my symtoms. He guessed maybe i have HELLP syndrome. He said my husband to take me to ER right away.

Finally after two, i went to ER. First of all, They said maybe i have liver hepatitis so they took more details blood test about that and also xray. They saw my liver and gout enlarge. At that time, ER doctor had no idea whats wrong with me. Finally they admitted me stay at hospital for further labs For my liver.  In the morning, one doctor came to me and said the only answer for all my symtoms is heart but he want to do echo to make sure. This doctor said he doesnt think something went wrong with my liver which all ER said. After my echo scan, i have PPCM.  I left ventricle pump only 15%

They discharge me from hospital after 2 days. I went home and took medicine; however 2 days later, i went to hospital again because of dizziness; my blood pressure is really low 72/62. They said because they gave me strong dose so they decrease 1/3 dose my medication. Even though i decrease my dose already, my blood pressure rarely goes up 90. If blood pressure doesnt goes up 90, i am not supposed to take medication.

what should i do?

My Details

  • Date Diagnosed: 29/05/2015
  • Child: 1
  • Initial EF: 15%
  • Current EF: 15%

Story By Nghi Thomas

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