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I'm going on 9 years with ppcm , I have been threw tons (no one should ever have to go threw)

The  tests , doctors, hospital stays , tears, heart ache and the mental wellbeing of this all .

I'm very thankful I'm still here for my life and my kids .

I'm blessed to have an amazing support  even if they don't understand

The fears I have are so real

I had a pacemaker put in for safety reasons

I get tired easy , over do it tons (i pay for it )

Every chest pain scares me

I can't even ride a peddle bike more then a block and I lose my breath life has sucked as far as work and being able to play with the kids!  Everyday is a challenge and I take it on full force one step at a time, just a little about me and want I go threw

My Details

  • Date Diagnosed: 07/04/2006
  • Child: 4
  • Initial EF: 28
  • Current EF: 32

Story By Jessica Oneil

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