Chf and cardiomyopothy

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My story starts with the birth of my daughter on February 21 2016. I went in for my induction and found out I had preclampsia. After a successful birth and healthy baby my blood pressure came down and they sent me home. Seven days later my blood pressure shot up to 200/127 And i became extremely swollen. I was told to go to the er immediately. There they found I had signs of congestive heart failure. Fluid on the lungs and a small effusion around the heart. However my ef on my echo was normal 55-60. They gave me lots of lasix that took off all the fluid and got my blood pressure under control. They then sent me home 4 days later. My cardiologist had mentioned a possibility of cardiomyopothy at my visit but five weeks later told me my heart was fine. So I did research it and I came across this site. I read about all the symptoms and everyone's stories. 8 weeks post partum I first started getting dizzy then my heart started racing Everytime I got up which made me extremely short of breath. I heard pop rocks in my lungs at night.  Then I became diapheretic pouring with sweat. I knew it was cardiac. I had my husband take me to the ed. They told me nothing was wrong my echo two months ago was normal. They sent me home. Three days later I was back things had gotten worse. My heart faster, more crackles. They told me everything looked good I told them they need to call my cardiologist. They decided to do an echo in er and what they found was exactly what I thought. My ef was 45-50 and part of my septum wasn't coming in like it should. I know that 45-50 is not that low but another week and it could of been. Thank you too all you ladies who shared your story because of you I caught it very early and they say I'm more likely to make a full recovery because my myopothy is mild. I am so grateful for you all!!!!

My Details

  • Date Diagnosed: 22/04/2016
  • Child: 4
  • Initial EF: 45
  • Current EF: 45

Story By Ashley Mccarville-Tahan

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